The Book. World-Impact. On strategies towards the biggest positive world-impact.

Is there still no place like home? A home. Our world. A good one. Without major problems.

We have many problems in the world. At the same time we have many solutions and opportunities. We also have human potential and capital of various sorts. How should we move forward in order to bring the most impactful outcomes?

We are fighting with a bunch of symptoms in form of various problems and have done so historically. Having a deeper understanding helps us to not react to the events and problems that occurred and persist because of the underlying generating factors, but to invent new solutions that redefine the mode of operation, solutions that continuously generate optimal outcomes for all and solve many problems at once.

This book strives to examine the possible innovations that in turn would have the greatest impact and lead towards an optimal existence for all and the whole that we exist in. Things that would redefine how our world operates. The book strives to find the root-problems and root- or meta-solutions that in turn would have the biggest effect on everything else. Solutions that would in turn lead to many other solutions. Socio-cultural organizational structures like economic systems and monetary incentive structures, governance or decision-making frameworks and their innovation with the usage of ideas from democratic confederalism, blockchain technology and the mentality of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). That combined with innovative breakthroughs such as the new and powerful computing possibilities like Quantum- and Bio-Technologies, AGI; bioengineering; Brain Computer Interfaces; Human, Consciousness & intelligence Development; Psychedelics research etc.

The outline