Innovation Society

Innovation Society

We have many challenges and opportunities for advancements in our society and our world that affect us all. Who is to decide and make things happen if not us, collectively?

The Innovation Society is a proposed initiative to assemble a problem-solving & innovation entity consisting of citizens selected (randomly or/and deliberately) from the diverse pools of expertise & backgrounds who together with public-serving organizations & institutions (e.g. Academia, NGOs, Innovation Agencies, Development Funds and so on) will have a mission for a period of X amount of year(s) to generate ideas, initiatives and projects deemed to have the greatest positive impact. Those are then to be executed as cooperative ventures thus developing economic democracy which will generate greater wealth and prosperity for all.

Such an initiative can mobilize societies for action in accordance with our world-priorities. Such an initiative will have a great latent value i.e. generate greater prosperity over time which will make investments in such worth it. This will strengthen democracy and the abilities of the citizens to actually influence their society. This will spur economic growth which in turn will be distributed more equally. Over time such an institution can gain a mandate to work with governance, policy and budgeting directly.

A playlist with video series that explain and show the possibilities

Calling on Innovation Agencies, Funds, Academia, NGOs, Public-sector, Governing Bodies on all levels from local to national to regional (e.g. EU) and international (e.g. UN). Calling on all of you and citizens for the creation and development of such an initiative which will lead to better governance and economics.