ZALAB FoodTech - Modernizing Food Industry With Sustainability In Mind

ZALAB foodtech's goal is to accelerate sustainability and business development by modernizing one of the most influential industries when it comes to the climate, health and economy. Creating & working on projects guiding us towards the better. Making climate-, health- and animal-friendly plant-based foods widely available, easy and convenient for everyone to choose. Combined with education & behavior science, our ventures take a holistic approach.

Welli is a project making it easy for people to choose sustainability-, health- and animal-friendly foods with the help of a smart program which combats current inaccurate labelling and filtering by automatically scanning the product info and showing what is plant-based with our branded label 🖖, which also provides educational info. Welli's API can help food businesses to create better customer experiences by improving labelling, filtering tools, categorization, personalization, recommender systems, search and analytics. Making it as convenient as possible to shop sustainable plant-based groceries for everyone. Making it as easy as being an omnivore for all. Leaving current inconvenient shopping experience behind.

One of use cases is online grocery stores: Welli promo demo image

Consultancy. Helping food businesses and organizations become climate/vegan-friendly, thus increasing their relevance and customer experience. Among other things, we can take care of order purchases, business development and guidance of customers towards the better using behavior science.

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A playlist with video series explaining the "Why? and How?" behind ZALAB FoodTech's projects

A greater impact can be achieved by working together in better, faster and more efficient ways within the food industry and by creating better experiences for customers. As everyone is striving towards a more sustainable development and has that as a goal, veganism is the force that is maximizing that positive impact according to science. Learn more about Why Veganism? Vegan trend grows every day as people educate themselves (see the stats below), thus the demand for vegan food and more convenient experiences. You don't want to be left behind.

Together we have far greater power/influence over our society. If more businesses are more vegan-friendly, society as a whole will become more vegan-friendly driving the needed change for sustainable development.

Why Veganism?

Veganism is a trend which companies have to ride and which ZALAB FoodTech is aiming to help with. The Vegan trend is growing day by day as people educate themselves about veganism and the positive impact it has. There is an untapped market for veganism and demand is only growing and statistics show that. Some examples:

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