ZALAB FoodTech - Modernizing Food Industry With Sustainability In Mind

ZALAB foodtech's goal is to accelerate sustainability and business development by modernizing one of the most influential industries when it comes to the climate, health and economy. Creating & working on projects guiding us towards the better. Making climate-, health- and animal-friendly plant-based foods widely available, easy and convenient for everyone to choose. Combined with education & behavior science, our ventures take a holistic approach.

Climate Change is one of the biggest risks for our existence ↪

Food-sector is one of the biggest GHG emitters with around 1/4 of global total. Only second to the energy sector. ↪

Plant-rich diets is one of the best solutions to climate change according to, EAT lancet report and many others ↪

Current inaccurate tools and inconvenient plant-based shopping experience makes it harder for people to shop sustainably ↪

It should be easier to make good choices, not harder ↪

Welli is a program that takes in the product data, scans through ingredients and returns what's plant-based and not automatically, which, for example, can be used by online grocery stores in filtering tools, labelling 🖖, categorization, personalization, recommender systems, search and analytics. Thus creating better customer experiences which increases sales and sustainability efforts. Welli helps food businesses and organizations to ride the sustainability and plant-based trend and not be left behind.

Consultancy. Helping food businesses and organizations become climate-, health and animal-friendly, thus increasing their relevance and customer experience. Among other things, we can take care of order purchases, business development and guidance of customers towards the better using behavior science.

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A playlist with video series explaining the "Why? and How?" behind ZALAB FoodTech's projects

ZALAB FoodTech