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Systems thinking process. Iceberg model. Events at the tip of the iceberg, patterns are found deeper, next layer is structures and at the bottom there is people's mental models.
four circles of different connected systems creating the world. Societal systems, Individual, Challenges in the world and opportunities/tools.


The social organization affects the mental models of people who collectively act in a certain way, creating good and bad in the world and their own lives. ZALAB Academy strives to help you to gain a greater understanding and transform the mental models of yours and people around you in order to have more of the good and less of the bad. Helping people to get educated and informed in order to change their lives for the better. With a better understanding of the world, the system around them, opportunities, life and the meaning of it all on a deeper level with the help of Philosophy, Psychology and Science people will take better decisions and actions in life. People will find the way towards what's best and right if they have the right mindset, which is the premise. The virtuous people will find the way according to Aristotle. People with better mental models will in turn become more understanding and become active in changing things for the better themselves launching a chain reaction of getting a critical mass for a meaningful change. Innovation in the way we do things in society doesn't keep up and is not happening in the optimal way. The future has uncertain times for us and in such times people would need a new societal framework to rely on, the one that would create better people, organizations and results by default. That change can only occur if we have a critical mass with greater insights willing to change our society for the better.

We are fighting with a bunch of symptoms in form of various problems and have done so historically. Having a deeper understanding helps us to not react to the events and problems that occurred and persist because of the underlying structure and the collective mental models, but to change the underlying root causes, which will solve many problems at once.

The plan is to express and present the insights, to educate and get the message out in various forms, e.g. through media production, storytelling and media curation through various distribution channels to get in front of as wide of an audience as possible. Educating as many as possible. The aim is to make the insights, perspectives and knowledge interesting and captivating making people psychologically receptive to the information. It's the way of making greater impact and mindset shifts at scale. If philosophers, psychologists, scientists created stories that would captivate people as series and movies do, making it more interesting and accessible for the majority, then we'd live in a better world.

Everything from tv shows, to the writing of books, programs, storytelling, production of videos, movies, series, podcasts, magazines, events, talks at relevant conferences, meetups, courses, mentorship networks, offline academies. All possible methods to get it out in front of people wherever they may be, whatever they are currently interested in. Getting it out all over the world and in targeted countries where change would be impactful combined with other targeted work, operations and campaigns.

Our work will be accompanied by studies of how effective and impactful it actually is. Studies on how effective ZALAB Academy's work is at changing peoples lives for the better. We would strive to constantly measure, get feedback and iterate accordingly. Our works would strive to be interactive, test-/experimentation- and data-driven with the help of scientists, behaviour science, neuroscience, psychologists and the latest technology such as data-science and AI.

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