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ZALAB's mission is to make the biggest positive social impact. Creating & working on effective ventures that overall make a positive impact in the best way we currently can and which at the same time gives us the resources to do more and more over time, growing and investing in further impactful projects. Us, being a co-operative team of the brightest minds that together figure out & execute the best way forward to achieve the biggest positive impact. Using the "tools" such as Science, Technology, AI, DLT/Blockchain, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Psychology, Media, Art etc.

Insights, Reasoning, Strategy & Vision behind everything we do

We are curious open-minded explorers who have questions on a lifelong learning journey of finding answers and better ways of doing things. Some #hashtags ;) and fundamentals: ikigai, spiral dynamics, self-actualization, polymathy, ingenuity, creativity, lateral thinking, co-operative values, empathy, critical/rational reasoning etc. Company culture/structure

four circles of different connected systems creating the world. Societal systems, Individual, Challenges in the world and opportunities/tools.

Upcoming Startups

ZALAB FoodTech

ZALAB FoodTech - Modernizing food industry with sustainability in mind. Impacting one of the most influential industries when it comes to the climate, health, economy etc.

ZALAB Academy

ZALAB Academy - Insights towards a better life and the world around you. Informing people towards a better.



ZALAB - Future initiatives

Join ZALAB in the pursuit of the biggest positive impact.

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The team

Axo Sal (Azamat Salakhov) - Founder. Chief Positive-Impact-Maker :) or CEO


Peter Wiker - Partner. Business administration.


Taras Kucherenko - Machine Learning Specialist


Anneli Utas - Marketing and Communication


Pranav Pandit - Machine Learning & Organization related tasks



ZALAB is a world citizen based in Sweden, Stockholm