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ZALAB's grand mission is to figure out, express and execute the ways towards the biggest positive impact and prosperity for all and the whole that we exist in.

The entity has transitioned to the new project and website Utilissance Union

ZALAB is a parent entity with an interdisciplinary strategic unit that figures out the paths towards effective impact, generates ideas for projects, connects with partners and collects teams for their implementation.

ZALAB operates in the convergence between societal change and opportunities within science and technology. If we want to solve many of our problems in meaningful ways, such a multidisciplinary, polymathic concept is a must. A more complete list of relevant fields includes Philosophy, Psychology, Human & Consciousness Development, Systems Thinking, Economic Systems & Decision-making or Governance Frameworks, Technology, Blockchain, AI, Science, Entrepreneurship, Art & Media, etc. The aim is to bring the needed impact for the world by analyzing it, its problems and opportunities; in order to, thereafter, create and work on projects that overall bring the highest value we can.

One of the root causes of many problems, according to many studies, is our current economic system. ZALAB wants to lead towards a more sustainable alternative. ZALAB’s projects are therefore aimed to be set up as co-operatives which are organizations co-owned by workers and involved entities, and are founded with social values and strive towards social impact. Co-operatives are in turn connected to each other and a unifying organization, ZALAB, which allows for the accumulation of resources and power for greater and greater impact for the world over time.

Through such an initiative, we can engage and involve more and more people in the new type of economy. Such a concept leads the way for an intelligent, impact-driven, economic democracy and decision-making or governance in society, which in turn would minimize negative externalities of the current system with few private-interested stakeholders, it would democratize ownership and decision-making, decrease inequality and allow a greater amount of people to flourish and contribute to the world.

Four circles of different connected systems creating the world. Socio-cultural structures that guide and manage resources including human resources and capital in a certain way which currently generates problems and many unmet needs. There are, at the same time, solutions and opportunities for positive, progressive development. The question then is: How should we coordinate it all in such a mode of operation which brings most optimal results for all and the whole that we exist in?


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ZALAB Insights - Insights towards a better life and the world around you. Informing people towards a better.


ZALAB - ImpactPath.

Innovation Society

Innovation Society



ZALAB FoodTech

ZALAB FoodTech - Modernizing food industry with sustainability in mind. Impacting one of the most influential industries when it comes to the climate, health, economy etc.


ZALAB - Systems Change.

ZALAB is a world citizen based in Sweden

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