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B2B Welli Services

B2B Welli Services - Modernizing food industry with sustainability in mind.

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Break Time

Break Time Link Image

Being physically inactive during long periods of time is bad for the health. To move around or do some physical activity once in a while improves your health. "Break time" reminds you to do that, with suggestions on what you can do during the breaks.


Image'n'it Link Image

Image'n'it is an image creator that can help you create all sorts of images like images for social media, vision boards, images for websites, memes, youtube thumbnails, icons, logos, infographics, collages and everything else you can imagine.

Twitter Mates

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Find people with similar interests on Twitter by searching and filtering profiles by followers / following ratio.


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Axo Sal (Azamat Salakhov) - Co-founder and CEO
Peter Wiker - Co-founder